• Know Thy Customer

    3 Conference Networking Rules to Live by

    I attend many conferences, both as a speaker and as an attendee. I find that I don’t always get all that I would hope or expect from the experience. Part of the problem is, I

    The Easiest Way to Find Your Next Customer

    I received an email this past weekend from a reader of my column that included the following: “I am aware that I will probably not get a response due to your busy schedule 
  • Build Your Team

    Open-Book Management Works. You Just Need to Get Over These 3 Hurdles

    My sister and I have selected very different lines of work.  She is a nurse practitioner, having spent her career working in nursing homes, operating rooms, and currently in the f

    3 Things You Must Master Before Expanding

    Once your company is up and running and you have created some brand awareness, the thought of opening another office or location can be a great temptation. But expand too quickly
  • Entrepreneurial Why

    5 Lies Business Leaders Tell Themselves

    I advise entrepreneurs and small business owners as they work to move their companies to new levels. I find that one of the reasons they are stuck is because of a lie they are tell

    1 Big Mistake Companies Make When Asking for Money

    I work with companies to reach their next milestone - be that a new sales goal, improved profit margin, size of customer base or number of employees. I start by asking company l

    2 Things That Make a Business Idea Brilliant

    I see a lot of startup pitches every year. And the more I see, the more I’ve realized that brilliant business ideas come down to two things: Is it simple? Does it solve a rea