• Know Thy Customer

    Rule of 3: The Secret to Explosive Growth

    How do you know when to turn a task into a documented, repeatable process? The rule of 3 should be your guide. I advise companies on how to overcome their barriers to meaningful gr

    3 Big Myths About Big Data

    With all the current hype, be careful not to fall for any of these Big Data myths. Much of the conversation about Big Data surrounds the topic of its actual collection, but unless
  • Build Your Team

    Open-Book Management Works. You Just Need to Get Over These 3 Hurdles

    My sister and I have selected very different lines of work.  She is a nurse practitioner, having spent her career working in nursing homes, operating rooms, and currently in the f

    3 Things You Must Master Before Expanding

    Once your company is up and running and you have created some brand awareness, the thought of opening another office or location can be a great temptation. But expand too quickly
  • Entrepreneurial Why

    3 Types of Focused Leaders

    Where the leader looks, so goes the team and the company. Consider where you are focusing your efforts. I can always tell the true interests of a company leader by their focus. Oft

    5 Lies Business Leaders Tell Themselves

    I advise entrepreneurs and small business owners as they work to move their companies to new levels. I find that one of the reasons they are stuck is because of a lie they are tell

    1 Big Mistake Companies Make When Asking for Money

    I work with companies to reach their next milestone - be that a new sales goal, improved profit margin, size of customer base or number of employees. I start by asking company l