• Know Thy Customer

    Your Most Valuable Asset Could Be Your Voice (1/29)

    Have you ever thought of using your voice as a way to create additional revenue streams? Do you even know what I am talking about?  If not, you should definitely listen to my late

    3 Tips to Bolster Your Sales in 2014

    As you move into the New Year, you’re probably thinking about all the different ways you can strive to improve your company in 2014.  You may choose to focus on reducing cos
  • Build Your Team

    Are You Mixing a Jim Carey With an Andrew Dice Clay?

    As I have run my different companies, I have learned that using personality indicator tools like DISC and Myers Briggs are important to understanding why members of my team react a

    What’s Your Company’s Laugh Track? (2/5)

    As a research geek, I love what you learn about others through tools such as DISC and Myers Briggs.  I have learned that understanding why others react the way they do is an impor
  • Entrepreneurial Why

    Why You’re Not In the Business You Think You’re In

    When I start advising a company, a few conversations into our relationship I get to work on one of my favorite exercises: I ask the management team to figure out what business it i

    My Work is My Life. Is That a Problem?

    I distinctly remember having a conversation with someone about how much time I dedicate to my work. “Get a life and stop working so much,” this person implored me. But

    1 Word That Kills Your Credibility

    I have watched more salespeople and companies pitch their ideas over the years than I care to count. And during thousands of interviews with consumers about how they use different