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  • Know Thy Customer

    The One Word in Public Speaking That Conveys Uncertainty

    The art of presenting takes practice and constant refining. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of using words that distract from your speech’s intended impact.  Filler w

    Scare Tactic Selling is Out: Redefining FUD for the Highly Informed Customer

    Companies have sold their products and services using the “FUD Factor” for years. FUD has stood for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This old school approach doesn’t
  • Build Your Team

    Open-Book Management Works. You Just Need to Get Over These 3 Hurdles

    My sister and I have selected very different lines of work.  She is a nurse practitioner, having spent her career working in nursing homes, operating rooms, and currently in the f

    3 Things You Must Master Before Expanding

    Once your company is up and running and you have created some brand awareness, the thought of opening another office or location can be a great temptation. But expand too quickly
  • Entrepreneurial Why

    3 Smart Ways Augmented Reality is Changing the Customer Experience

    With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and beacons, augmented reality continues to be a promising technology for engaging customers throughout their relationship with your

    The Art of Setting Your Price

    One of the most challenging and important aspects of business success is setting your prices.  To be successful you must understand many different aspects of your business today,

    Business CPR: Getting Your Company Back on Track

    Do you feel like your business is gasping for air? It might be time for some business CPR. Many of the companies I work with have hit a rut. They aren’t growing as quickly as