The overall objective is to move beyond merely understanding WHAT consumers have done to a deep and applicable knowledge of the consumer that understands WHY.

By understanding why, informed predictions can be made about how consumers prefer to be communicated with (offer), in what manner (mode), what they will do (technology) and be open to in the future (opportunity).

To achieve this objective, Laddering Works partners with a client company to apply laddering techniques that build on what is currently known about their consumers and then develop a deep and applicable understanding of the consumers’ perceptions, expectations, influences and motivations.

After identifying the key patterns, a lattice is created of consumer clusters that informs a move forward plan to capitalize on short term opportunities and identify long term growth strategies.  The plan includes optimal ways to reach the consumer, potential partnerships, data collection and analysis.

Laddering Works provides techniques (lensing) and a system (Prism) that supports the client in continually viewing new product, services or marketing strategies from their consumers’ unique perspective.

Laddering Works Engagement Components:

Discovery: Laddering Works reviews the current state of the company, brand or experience in preparation for laddering exercises by working with stakeholders to understand internal brand, product and marketing perception.  Laddering Works inventories marketing initiatives, existing research, data being collected and associated metrics, reviews roadmaps and growth strategies. Laddering Works documents current understanding of demographic, behavioral and other known factors of consumers.

Laddering: Laddering Works works directly with consumers and other secondary data to address gaps in knowledge identified during Discovery.  The techniques used provide a deep understanding of consumers’ behaviors, motivations, goals, preferences and expectations. The goal is to identify patterns in these key drivers, motivations, and to document the consumers’ ecosystem.

Lattice Construct: Based on knowledge gathered during the laddering phase, Laddering Works identifies the key patterns that drive consumers and develops a construct that explains the individual motivations of each consumer type addressing the tone, mode, technology, offer and ecosystem of each.

Lensing Exercises: Laddering Works leads cross-functional teams through a structured hands on approach to focus them on what really matters to each consumer type and develop potential short and long term opportunities with each.

Strategic Roadmap: The results of the lensing exercises inform a strategic roadmap that drives the client’s long term growth, reach, partnerships and data collection needs to align with and meet the company’s goals.

Prism: Laddering Works’ proprietary system links the knowledge gained during the laddering and latticing exercises and provides the client with a way to develop and lens new potential products, services, experiences or marketing initiatives.