Part of my departure from User Insight included decoupling my mobile phone accounts and moving them over to my new company.

During the process, my daughter and I, avid iPhone users from the start moved up to the iPhone 5. We even talked my wife into moving to an iPhone 5 from the Droid platform.

I have spent the weekend explaining the ins and outs of how to use the iPhone over the Droid and it’s too early to determine whether or not it was a good move for her, but I think I impressed her the most with the flawless demo of Siri.

We had to pick my daughter up at the movies and I simply asked Siri “How long is the movie ‘Life of Pi‘?” to which she smoothly and quickly responded with “125 minutes”.  For me as a consumer, this is huge success.

Simple question asked – simple answer received.

To my daughter, affectionately known in my twitter feed as Teen, Siri is not as satisfying.

She has spent the weekend in heated debate with Siri, asking tough, multi-part questions, demanding that Siri tell her a riddle or share in a joke.  Siri is not as smooth in the answers or interactions provided to Teen’s inquiries.  As an outsider, it would sound like a complete failure.

In my opinion, this is an issue for Siri and any system like it.

My wife and I are easy to please.  We ask Siri simple questions and the answers are more than sufficient for what we seek.

Teen is part of a generation of consumers that want technology to work as a true help to them.  They expect the technology to always adapt to their needs, not the other way around.  And if the technology doesn’t work as it should, it might as well not even be available.

I am curious to observe Teen over the coming weeks and see how her relationship with Siri matures.  Either they will learn to work together or it will be a steady desertion like the many toys she has abandoned over the years that didn’t meet her needs or lost their novelty.

I am pretty sure that Apple had bigger plans for Siri than just a mere distraction.

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